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Milky Way over Greenwich Observatory

Milky Way over Greenwich Observatory

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This is a print of my painting of Greenwich observatory flanked by the Milkyway. Greenwich observatory was founded by Charles ll 347 years ago. The very first Astronomer Royal (Astronomer appointed by Royal Decree) moved into Greenwich Observatory in 1647 and the view of the night sky was very different. There was no light pollution blocking out the stars back then. The sky was a rich tapestry of pinpoints of light.

The first two Astronomers Royals used this to their advantage. They were able to plot all the stars visible in the northern and southern hemispheres. It must have been extremely beautiful to look up and see the Milky Way above London in all its glory and grandeur. For all the benefits of the modern world, it is something our children may never witness. This painting is how I imagine the scene.

This Modern Fine Art Print is available in a range of sizes, your purchase will be printed on high-quality C-type Kodak Metallic paper. Your order will be delivered in a robust cardboard tube, secured and sealed at both ends. Our efficient dispatch team sends your order, ensuring your prints are delivered both timely and safely.

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