My Story

I am an Artist from South East London. Back in 1997 I was a new Muslim and was not sure how to creatively balance all the different elements of my new life. I started this journey as a way of finding out where I fitted into the world against a backdrop of cultural tension between Islam and the west. I effectively had two identities, I was British and Muslim.

I wanted to explore my new life as a British Muslim, to reconcile these two seemingly contradictory sides. I fell back on my love of art to explore the middle ground between communities.  Today I am now a teacher splitting my time between Teaching Design & Technology and my art practice.

My work has grown into a reflection of my faith in Islam and my fascination of science, astronomy, and a love of the natural world. It explores the relationship between humanity and nature, fuelled by a desire to explore our place in the universe. My work has been showcased on Al Jazeera, Islam Channels Living the Life and on Shemiza Rashid’s Urban Kube show on Inspire FM. I have also exhibited in Glasgow, Manchester, Lincoln, and London. 

Ian Garrett talking about art with a customer.