Paintings in Focus: Greenwhich Observatory.

Paintings in Focus: Greenwhich Observatory.

Greenwich Observatory is a beautiful 300-year-old building that has fascinated me for years. Located in Greenwich park at the top of a hill which was the site of the old to Greenwich Castle. The observatory is idealy positioned to view the the night sky. The painting below is the veiw of the observatory from my Living room window. The veiw takes in the observatory with Shooters Hill in the distance.

Greenwich Observatory. 10"x8" Acrylic on Canvas.

Founded by Charles ll 347 years ago. The very first Astronomer Royal (Astronomer appointed by Royal Decree) moved into Greenwich Observatory in 1647. Can you imagine the scene. It was the birth of the age of science and discovery So much was unknown. The Heavens were clearly visible at night in all their majestic glory back then. There was no light pollution blocking out the stars and they would be spread out across the black sheet of night in a tapestry of millions of tiny pinpricks of light across the horizon. 

By  Royal Decree the Astronomers were commissioned to chart the night sky to improve Navigational charts used by military and commercial shipping routes. 

The first two Astronomer Royals used this blessing to their advantage and were able to plot all the stars visible in the northern and southern hemispheres. It must have been beautiful to look up and see the Milky Way above London. This painting is how I imagine the scene to have looked. 

Milkyway over Greenwich Observatory. 10x8 Acrylic on Canvas.

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich has watched the stars for over three hundred years. The observations and discoveries made here led to major advancements in Naval Navigation and how time is measured around the world. Leading to the international adoption of the Greenwich Meridian as an international standard. Longitude Zero, the Meridian Line is at the centre of the world time zones and runs through the site. 

Moon Gazing at Greenwich Observatory. 16"x12" Acrylic on Canvas.

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