Ongoing Charity



God has blessed us with this world. It is one of his miracles. We all share it and rely on it in more ways than we realise. It is our home. Islam teaches us to protect the Earth. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), said: 

"If one plants a tree then whatever is eventually eaten from it whether by humans or animals counts for the planter as an act of ongoing charity." 

I have partnered with Ecologi to enable us to plant as many trees as possibly can. With this in mind, for every Painting, Print or Sculpture that you buy from me, Ecologi will plant two trees. If you buy two products, then we will plant four trees and if you buy three products then six trees are planted on your behalf.

By purchasing art for your home, you are also giving back to the environment by helping in the fight against global warming. You are also securing charitable deeds for yourself as well. The fight against global warming and deforestation is one battle that affects us all.



We plant trees with Ecologi

Last updated 07/05/2023