Exhibitions & Interviews.

November 24th 2019. "Celebrating Arts Festival." ValentinesHigh school, IIlford, London.

This festival was a celebration dedicated to the arts. I showcased my Paintings, Jewellery and Art with Light Collection at the event.

Display - Exhibitions.

26th October 2019. "Creative Minds Festival." Osmani Center London.

This event was organised by Inspirited Minds to highlight issues around positive mental health in the Muslim community. I showcased my Paintings at the event.

Person - Exhibitions.

13th October - 14th October 2018. "Beauty & Faith" Exhibition Hosted by Art House 21 at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo in Event City Manchester.

This two-day exhibition was a showcase of the best in British Islamic Art. A chance to show the world the emerging artistic culture of modern Islam in the United Kingdom.


21st November - 21st December 2017. "Blessed Footsteps" Exhibition Hosted by DOT Guild at Rumi's Cave.

I was invited to create a piece of work in response to a poem written by Warren Clementson. I was one of twelve artists who had the same honour of exhibiting as part of the "Blessed Footsteps" exhibition that was put together by The DOT Guild.


Human - Exhibitions.


28th –31st July 2016. "A Journey Through the World of Islamic Art" Exhibition hosted by Art House 21 at the Living Islam Festival.

Showcasing my Islamic artwork at the Living Islam Festival in Lincoln, I was exhibiting as part of the "A Journey Through the World of Islamic Art" exhibition. The event was put together by Art House 21. I was honoured to exhibit alongside some of the best Muslim artists the UK has to offer.

Human - Exhibitions.


15th July 2015. Al Jazeera Documentary. 

On the 15th July 2015 I was featured in a short documentary film made by Domino Films. It was shown on Al Jazeera's Documentary Channel. The series ran over the thirty days of Ramadan and focused on European artists that created art heavily influenced by Islamic design.

11th - 17th March 2013. Featured Artist at the Scottish Islamic Art Festival.

My very first exhibition took place in Scotland. I was invited to exhibit a selection of my work during the Islam Awareness Week event in Glasgow at the Scotland Street Museum. Focusing on the things we have in common the event was aimed at highlighting the commonalities between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities in Scotland. Because of the unique focus of my work I was asked to contribute to the event.

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