570 AD The birth of light 2017
570 AD The birth of light 2017

Birth of light. Fine Art Print.

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Ian Garrett
printed on C-Type Metallic

This Digital Painting is inspired by the Poem "BORN" written by Warren Clementson:

"An inverse of the night journey
Across unknowable states of time and matter
The soul of the Prophet was brought to the womb
And months later, he was born.
The constellations brought light to the dark
Yet in time
The One would make him a lamp
Reflecting rays of purity
Outperforming what lied above him
On that blessed night
And every night which followed.

That night, earth sighed with relief
For all was not lost
The flickering flame of Abraham would endure
By the completion of a prayer
Yet the earth did not know how or why;
It just felt hope permeate its pores.

How wonderful it must have been
To see his mother’s love
How she soothed the cries of a father
Nurtured the heart of a leader
Prayed for the wellbeing of a holy man

An inverse of the night journey
A soul brought forth from God’s knowledge
To a world steeped in superstition
The truth within the hearts of man
Would one day be known again;

When the new-born joy of Aminah
Would reach the prophetic age."

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