Cosmic nebular Alignment 2016

Cosmic Alignment. Fine Art Print.

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Ian Garrett
printed on C-Type Metallic

Part of a new series that focuses on the beauties of Allah's creation and how small we really are. If we actually start to think about the beautiful world we live in, with all of its complexities and fragile balances. We may begin to realise how fortunate we are really are. Our creator has blessed us with this shining blue and green oasis among the vast vacuum and harshness of the cosmos. The earth and all the creatures, plants, and all she carries, have been entrusted to us by Almighty Allah. We have a responsibility to look after the home we have been blessed with.

This Modern Islamic Fine Art Print is available in a range of sizes, your purchase will be printed on high-quality C-type Kodak Metallic paper. 

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